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 e13 Beta Release.

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Eh Steve

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PostSubject: e13 Beta Release.   Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:19 pm

Here is beta mark 3.

Evil Thirteen (E13) (project13)

This is an RPG game I have been working on for the last three years!
It features a unique storyline, spells unlocked as you level up, and unique enemies and bosses!
Try it out, it is worth a play.

Credit goes partially to Excalibur AKA Blue Rune


Link: (3.1MB)
You need the following information to download.
->username: Eh_Steve
->password: project13
(Only for safety measures, I hope you understand)

I will try to update this often, don't worry, my adapt-a-save feature I invented keeps your data from not being read by newer versions of the game. Kind of like an updater.

Current Ranking on yoyo: 2/6
DDNN ranking: 8/10

Quote :
AracnoX: I must say, I love the sprites, good work there.
Gameplay is basic as far as I can say, didn't get to play it much.
Good amount of different enemies, with different actions.

((if you want your quote here please review the game))

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e13 Beta Release.
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